About Us

Embracing the Strong, Bold and Active YOU!

Gone are the days when fitness was just masculine. Today, with a strong hold on technology and innovation, women are leading in athletics and how! To embrace this competitive fire in women with a subtle blend of style and comfort, we have come up with a vision to create impact with our ever-stylish activewear brand, Cosvos.

Cosvos is brought to life by a team of fitness enthusiasts who "Dare to be bold" when it comes to sweating out to achieve an active lifestyle. But trust us, we were never born fitness enthusiasts but became one when we replaced the ordinary with the extraordinary! Believe it or not, comfortable yet stylish activewear holds power to get you out of bed and sweat in style. We did exactly the same and created an article of clothing with a perfect "workout vibe" to unveil the fitness fashionista inside of you!

Our team believes in combining fitness and fashion to bring a refreshing touch to your mundane workout. We make sure that you follow the ultimate "Train Hard, Look Great" mantra to sweep away all your workout blues. Cosvos do so by bringing you an eclectic range of performance wear that feels like a second skin as you flex in motion. From high-waisted leggings to sports bras, we offer a wide range of activewear designed to flatter all body types and provide the comfort you need to slay your fitness goals. 

The team of Cosvos utilise the best of the best in-house capabilities to design, manufacture, and market our top-notch activewear. We also take pride in using the highest quality materials to create our performance wear durable, breathable and moisture-wicking. So, whether you're hitting the gym, running outdoors, or practising yoga, our activewear is designed to keep you striving towards an "Active Style, Active Life" always and forever!

Cosvos frees you from the tiring conversation you have in mind while selecting the right workout wear to hit the gym. Our environment-friendly activewear empowers your workout in all positive ways making you unleash your inner athletic spirit. We make sure that you embrace all the boldness that each Cosvos active wear exudes with style and confidence. Remember, when you wear good, feel good and sweat good, you are sure to achieve the ACTIVE YOU with strength and power!